Yojo-Han (4½ Tatami Room Size) Art Center

Chojamachi Transit Building                   (before the renovation)
Chojamachi Transit Building       (before the renovation)

chojamachi TRANSIT BUILDING was founded in Mid-May 2012 in 2-chome Nichiki, Nakaku Nagoya, Aichi, JAPAN.   The former fabric warehouse building is freshly renovated to have a cafe, a bookshop, a flower shop, art studios, a gallery, art and design firm, architectural firm, and an art center in one place. It is going to be a bustling place to have a good time.


On the 4th floor of the building,  [Yojo-Han] Art Center is founded by four artists (Presented by Madori: Ko Yamada, Takuji Okagawa, Jin Murata, Hirotaka Yasuhara)  The art center will handle curations, exhibitions, art workshops and classes, live events, ustream broadcasting, and maybe partying etc.   The concept of the spece would be "what could possibly be done in this small space like this?".   Our main activity would be wondering how you can expand this tiny room to the universe conceptually.