Art Schools / Workshops

Schools and workshops of art would be held at or around Yojo-Han Art Center.


Workshops will be organized by the center.


Each school is founded independently in the Art Center.

Please contact directly to the schools listed below, if you are interested.


■ PACell --- Photography School

PACell is founded as satelite classes of PAC that has been organized by photography artist Ko Yamada for 10 years.  PAC is a post-graduate photography seminar at the artist's home for young and emerging artists.


The sessions are held on every Friday night with meal and drink.  It is  a discussion oriented playful and easy going session for graduated fellows.

However, as results, those young artists went for studying abroad, awarded for photo competitions, getting job as photographers , and expanded their interests beyond photography.  


PACell photography school is for ones who would like to express "something" by playing and knowing photography.  You'd better play with it before you seriously face with the medium.   I hope you would knock on our door.